Coconut-Hazelnut Shrimp with Grilled Peach Salsa

Coconut Hazelnut Shrimp by Cara Lyons for Bobs Red Mill-1

Hearty pie crusts, chewy cookies, tender cupcakes, anything with chocolate. These are probably the things most home cooks think about upon hearing that Bob’s Red Mill now sells Hazelnut Meal. Is there something wrong with me that my first thoughts were asparagus and fish? That’s where I started and that’s mostly how we’ve been enjoying this awesomely versatile ingredient!

I’ll even confess, this stuff made it so easy to throw together a simple yet upscale meal, I had trouble getting to the point of actually writing a jazzed up recipe. But summer’s coming, and I’ve been excited by the fresh, sweet peaches finally popping up in the supermarket. Peaches and hazelnuts actually make a perfect pair! Throw some shrimp into the mix and you’ve got a savory, scrumptious summer recipe.

Coconut Hazelnut Shrimp by Cara Lyons for Bobs Red Mill-3

Coconut shrimp used to be one of those special things I thought reserved for restaurants. That’s until I realized they’re actually easy-peasy to make at home. And even more flavorful when you mix up the traditional coconut-breadcrumb topping with nuts. Slightly sweet, buttery hazelnuts are the perfect compliment to coconut, both of which taste even better when toasted.

So, while I know you’ll want to get your hands on some hazelnut meal to make a decadent dessert, don’t forget to save some for this sweet summer dinner.

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This post is sponsored by Bobs Red Mill. I was provided with samples and compensation for development of this recipe. 

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