Workout Wednesday – 5/30

This is a new series where I aim to share a little something outside the kitchen that is still near and dear to my heart – my world of fitness! Some of the things you might see here are sample meal plans, healthy tidbits I find around the web, and workout logs. This week I am sharing a healthy snack idea and my workout log from the past week. My goal is to keep myself accountable and maybe inspire you too!

Snack of the Week

Last week I started to tell you about Mila, which I like to think of as the “mother of all chia seeds.” This week I have been enjoying many Mila Iced Mochas. Talk about the ultimate energy boost! The Mila gives the drink a somewhat thick and creamy texture, much like a mocha latte you’d get from a coffee shop, which is a bit thick due to the chocolate syrup.

Mila Iced Mocha:

– 1 cup iced coffee
– splash of almond milk
– 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
– 1 scoop Mila
– 15 drops liquid vanilla stevia

Blend & pour over ice.

Workout Log


If I do all of my sets at the same reps and weight, I’ll write it out this way: sets X reps X weight. So if you see “3/6/40″ this means I did 3 sets, all with 6 reps with 40lbs.

If there are differences in my sets, I’ll write out each set separately, this way: reps X weight, reps X weight, reps X weight. So if  you see “10×55, 10×60, 10×60″, this means I did 1 set of 10 reps with 55lbs, then a set of 10 reps with 60lbs, and then another set of 10 reps with 60lbs.

For the heavier exercises,it is crucial to do a series of warmup sets at lower weights, working up to the full weight. The numbers shown below are for the WORKING sets only.

Grouped letters indicate alternating exercises. This means that I do a set of the A1 exercise, then a set of the A2 exercise, for however many sets are indicated. When all sets of A1 and A2 are complete, I move on to the B exercises.

Wednesday 5/23

A1: weighted chinups with 5lb dumbbell – 5, 4, 4, 4
A2: incline barbell bench press – 8×80, 8×80, 6×85
B1: 1-legged pushups – 5/leg, 6/leg, 6/leg
B2: bent-over dumbbell row – 3x10x35
C1: half-kneeling single-arm dumbell press – 3x8x25
C2: tall kneeling paloff press – 3x8x50
D1: farmer carries with 45lb plate in each hand – 3 trips
D2: chinups – 4, 4, 4

Walked the dog for 35 minutes

Thursday 5/24

4 mile run

Friday 5/25

Nothing, zilch, zip, nada. Not even a dog walk. It was the first time in almost 2 weeks I had a completely inactive day. Guess what? My body was begging for it.

Saturday 5/26

A1: Barbell bulgarian split squats -4x6x95 (per leg), 1x6x100
A2: Weighted chinups (5lb dumbbell) – 5, 4, 4
A3: Bird-dogs (6/side) – 3 sets
B1: Barbell supine bridges – 2x8x205, 1x8x225
B2: Reverse crunch – 3×10
C: DB goblet squat ladder (10-1) paired with single chinups (10 squats, 1 chinup, 9 squats, 1 chinup, 8 squats, 1 chinup…) – squats done with 35lb DB, chinups with 10db
D: DB swings – 2x10x30 (per arm)

Sunday 5/27

hill sprint workout

Hill sprint workout:

– Jog 0.85 miles to the base of a really steep hill
– Rest & stretch
– 10 rounds of sprints: It takes me 30 seconds to “sprint” up (I’m using the term “sprint” lightly. Really I’m just going as fast as I can – which is not very fast on a really steep hill!). 60 second walk down. That’s one round.
– Walk/jog 1 mile home (slightly different route than how I got there.)

If you don’t think this is tough, well, your hill’s not steep enough.

Monday 5/28

A1: Chinups – (Regular/Eccentric combo for sets of 8 ) – 7/1, 6/2, 6/2
A2: Single-arm alternate DB Bench Press – 3x7x40 (per arm)
B1: Single-arm standing cable row – 10×55, 10×60, 10×65
B2: Barbell push press – 3x6x80
C1: DB renegade row (alternating arms) – 3x5x30 (per arm)
C2: Straight arm press-down – 10×70, 10×80, 10×75
D1: DB cuban press – 2x8x10
D1: 1 legged supine bridge (bodyweight, off bench) – 2×8 per side

Tuesday 5/29

A1: Barbell box squats – 1x6x115, 5x6x125
A2: Chinups – 5×5
B1: Sideways prowler pulls – 3 sets per side for 20 yards with 50lbs loaded on the prowler (for the life of me I can’t find a video of this, but it’s like this except you’re  pulling sideways)
B2: Half-kneeling cable lift – 2x10x20, 1x10x25 (per side)
C1: 1-legged hip thruster off bench with chain draped over hips – 3×8 (per side)
C2: kettlebell Turkish getups – 3x3x18lb (per side)
D: cardio medley – Heidens (10/side), reverse lunge (10/side), BW squats (10) – 4 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds
E: EAT.  You think I’m joking.

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