I’m Smitten with appSmitten

Hey there.

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It’s Saturday. And I’m posting. What’s up with that? Well I have to tell you about something. You know those app-obsessed people? I’m not one of them.

I mean, I just don’t really get them. Besides Words with Friends. And some random one I use to make a grocery list once in a while. (But lately I’ve reverted to paper. I’m like, ancient.)

So here’s the thing. If I wanted to become an app person, that would require searching for cool apps. And reading the reviews. I’m just so not into that. Can’t someone just do the work for me?

So despite being skeptical that cool apps I will actually use even exist, I took a chance when I got an invitation to sign up for appSmitten. They promised me a once-a-week newsletter delivering hand-picked apps that someone else already decided were cool and great. Naturally, I picked the one for Android, and my husband subscribed to the iPhone list. We’re a multi-service kind of household.

When the first one arrived, I half expected to delete it, like I do 85% of my emails (note to self: unsubscribe to Banana’s list, since the only pieces you own are from the outlet.) But you know where this is going. You know that wasn’t the case. But would you believe that from that single email I actually downloaded five apps, that I would have never known about otherwise?

Like, there’s a flashlight app for Android. And I feel totally cool now.

And a photo app called PicsArt that promises to have me thanking my droid for doing everything an iphone does.

And another one called Flixster that will let me read about movies – new and old – and either find them in a theater or add them to my Netflix queue. No more, “Remember that movie? We should watch it again…” and forgetting to ever add it to our list.

This could be trouble.

Anyway whether you’re like me or whether you already love apps and need to be up on all things techie, I encourage you to sign up for the appSmitten newsletter and try it out.

And if you have a little more time, why not browse around?

Check out apps by categories, like education, music, or productivity (I could definitely use a little of that.)

Or just take a look at with Smitten has put on their best-of-the-best lists! I found some fun ones in the romance and beauty lists 🙂

However you choose to utilize appSmitten, I have no doubt you’ll find whatever it is you didn’t know you needed 🙂

Disclosure: I am participating in an affiliate program with appSmitten and will receive a small payment if you choose to sign up for appSmitten’s newsletter. However, my opinions stated above are true, and I would have opted out of the program if I didn’t enjoy using appSmitten myself.

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2 Responses to “I’m Smitten with appSmitten”

  1. 1

    Kate — March 4, 2012 @ 6:59 am Reply

    I use that flashlight app for walking the dog at night!

  2. 2

    Lizzy — March 5, 2012 @ 10:45 am Reply

    Sounds interesting, I just signed up!

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