Low-carb Paninidillas!

Ok, so it’s really just a grilled panini on a lavash wrap, but why not give it a cute fun name? I tried my hardest to find you an image or link to what I am talking about, but no luck. The wraps I am talking about here are made by Cedar’s, they are huge, square, and only 100 calories each. And of course, they are nice and soft and taste great. I love using them for wrap sandwiches, but tonight I decided to try them for paninis. Rather than buying a whole loaf of bread, which would go to waste. Unless we froze it. But, I figured, why not just use what we have in the house and save some calories while at it.

Well, they turned out great! Of course they were much flatter than your typical panini, closer to a quesadilla, hence my fun little name. For tonight’s filling I used:
-sage & toasted pecan pesto mixed with hickory-smoked goat cheese, spread over the entire square. Actually, it started out with all intentions of being a pesto when I put the sage, pecans, and garlic in the food processor, but I did not add any olive oil since I was going to mix with the cheese anyway.
-baby spinach
-sliced grilled chicken breast
-thin wedges of granny smith apple
-grilled red onion slivers

I grilled these on my Crate and Barrel reversible grilling stone, underneath a foil-wrapped brick. A few minutes on each side, and it was nice and toasty. Actually, on the second side, I got more adventurous and went directly on the grates. Worked out just fine!

We served these with chili-seasoned grilled squash fries. Seriously, a great meal, with lots of raves from my fiance. A very nice, lightened up version of a typical panini and fries or chips you might get at a restaurant, without sacrificing any flavor.

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