Buffalo Chicken Dip 3

#CLEANEATING Creamy Buffalo Chicken *CRACK DIP*

In my ideal world, my husband would not only proudly boast about eating every single thing that appears on the blog, but he’s also be a contributor. But since...

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Cara Lyons - Creamy Carrot Cake Barley-2

Slow Cooker Creamy Carrot Cake Barley

I have a little confession to make. Back when I first started trying to eat healthy, I used to be a boring breakfast eater. Instant oatmeal every day of...

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superbowl snacks-3

Are You Ready For Some Football SNACKS?

To be honest, I might just be snackin’ on leftover cake come Superbowl time. Because it’s the same day as my baby shower! Which means I’ll be 35 weeks...

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Winter Kale Power Salad @Carascravings-4

Creamy Avocado Kale Power Salad with Citrus and Beets

At 33 weeks, I’ve kind of reached this point in my pregnancy where I don’t really feel like talking about it. Not because it sucks. Oh no, quite the...

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Hard Boiled Egg Curry @Carascravings-4

Hard Boiled Egg Curry

This post is special for a couple reasons. (I mean, they all are, but I’m about to tell you just why this one is.) First of all it’s the...

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Creamy Tomato Florentine Soup @carascravings-2

Creamy Tomato & Kale Bisque

Lately, my daydreaming revolves around soft, sweet smelling, fleece-enrobed cuddly newborns, (raw) sushi, and chunky-yet-creamy, perfectly seasoned tomato florentine soup. In just about 8 weeks (maybe 6? eeek! or...

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Indian Spiced Chili in Acorn Squash Bowls @Cara's Cravings-2

Sweet ‘n Spicy Indian Chili in Winter Squash Bowls

Back in the day, I used to cook with sugar. And flour. And butter. I’m pretty sure I even used to whip up stirfry’s with bottled sauces and brag...

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