Love a Good Deal? MEGA E-Cookbook Sale & Valuable Coupon!

This week I’m skipping out on the “What I Ate” action to clue you in on something that’s gonna give you waaaaay more yummy healthy food ideas. You know...

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sfeeha, stuffed artichokes,

Lebanese-Style Stuffed Artichokes

(Mom – before you start reading – just remember, I love you!) Sometimes I wish I came from the sort of family who did the things that we never...

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socca, chickpea flour pizza, eggplant pizza

Chickpea Flour Pizza Crust

This is a post I’ve owed you for a really long time. “You” who became smitten with the idea of a chickpea flour pizza crust, first topped with dates,...

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Culinary Underground 5

Farmers’ Market First Courses at Culinary Underground (& Belated Workout Wednesday)

I know, I know. The title is supposed to be “Workout Wednesday” and I should have posted it yesterday. Well, I got a little too busy. And, I was...

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lyon artichoke

Roasted Artichokes with Honey-Tahini Dipping Sauce

In the age of “eat less processed stuff , make as much as you possible can from scratch and buy only fresh veggies” let’s be clear that there are...

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vegan ice cream, coconut milk ice cream, vegan blueberry ice cream, blueberry ice cream, roasted blueberries, sugar free ice cream, erythritol ice cream recipe

Roasted Blueberry Ice Cream

Some days, I confess, I think I’m truly somethin’ special. Like the day I made this ice cream. I mean, only some kind of genius (who bought a ton...

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Workout Wednesday – 6/13

The good news is, no more sinus infection! I was able to “ease” back into my workouts, focusing on my lifting and going for walks with the dog on...

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