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Sunday Funday – Worcester Food Truck Festival and Savorfull Delivery!

Today, I’m having a true Sunday Funday. Just me and one of my gal pals (plus a cooler full of colorful fruits, veggies, hummus and tabbouleh, and a couple...

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White Bean Tortilla 1

Spanish White Bean Tortilla with Swiss Chard and Piri-Piri Sauce

  “Hon, can I tell you something?” “Yes babe.” “I really love her. I mean, really love her. ‘Till we had her, I never knew how much I could...

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Workout Wednesday – 7/11 & Easy Recipe for Halibut with Roasted Tomatoes and Basil

So here’s the thing. I used to have this major hangup about posting “recipes” that aren’t really recipes and “photos” that are completely haphazard. But you know what? As...

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mussels 5

Grilled Mussels with Spicy Coconut-Tomato Sauce

July 4th has come and gone (how did that happen so quickly?) and overall the summer has been totally gorge. We’ve had mostly beautiful weather with a  few hot...

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barley and lamb

Sunday Funday – a Birthday Feast of Grilled Lamb

Ok, so it wasn’t only lamb… but that’s where we started and everything else was planned around it, naturally. I apologize for the lack of Sunday Funday posts lately,...

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italian mac n cheese 1

Creamy Italian Baked Pasta with Kale and Tomatoes for Land O’Lakes 30 Days of Outdoor Dining

Summer barbecues are all about staying cool while having fun in the sun. Splashing through a water sprinkler, sipping on ice cold lemonade, crunching on cool, crisp salads and...

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drumsticks 3

Smokey Rosemary-Mustard Chicken Drumsticks + Gluten-Free Picnic Menu

It’s only July 2nd, but I can already hear myself on September 1st: “Wahhh. Boohoohoo. Summer is over and how many times did we go to the beach? How...

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