kind snack & give back

Gifts (Health) Foodies Love!

KIND Snacks Imagine this. It’s 3pm on a December weekday afternoon and your tummy starts rumblin’. In most office settings around the country, you’re apt to find platters of...

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latkes 1

Baked Rutabaga & Potato Latkes

Every year around this time, I talk about how I only fry anything once a year. Of course, that something is latkes. Because it’s Hanukkah, and it might as...

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Cheddar Salsa Stuffed Cocktail Tomatoes by Sweetly Raw @Cara's Cravings-2

Vegan Cheddar Salsa Stuffed Cocktail Tomatoes {Guest Post by Sweetly Raw}

When I decided to throw a Clean Eating Cocktail Party, I was worried about getting enough people to participate. Turns out that was a silly thought! On the contrary,...

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Herbed Sweet Potatoes with Feta by PreventionRD @Cara's Cravings-2

Herbed Sweet Potatoes with Feta and Pine Nuts {Guest Post by PreventionRD}

Nicole is one of those blogger friends that I know was meant to live a little closer. Though we’ve never met in real life, we’ve gotten to know each...

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Ginger Pear Thumbprints with Caramel Drizzle @Cara's Cravings-9

Pear Ginger Thumbprints with Caramel Drizzle {DECEMBER is National Pear Month!}

Oh dear Apple, why must you get all the love? Alright, I get it. You come waltzing into town as the first sign that sticky summer is on its...

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Orange Pineapple Crackers with Tropical Mousse {Guest Post by Spabettie}

Last summer, we took a trip to Portland, OR and while we had the *best* time, I only wish I had “met” Kristina before that! Then I could have...

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Spinach & Artichoke Mini Quiches- Queen of Quinoa for Cara's Cravings

Spinach & Artichoke Mini Quiches {Guest Post by Queen of Quinoa}

Today’s Clean Eating Cocktail Party recipe comes from Alyssa, a sweetheart I met at Nourished Food Blogger Conference last spring. This girl loves her quinoa so much, she has...

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