Want to kick your superfood eating habits up a notch? Then let’s talk about Mila, the highest nutrient-containing chia seed you can get. Or, quite possibly, the healthiest food on the planet.


Ben and I started eating Mila in Spring 2012, and when combined with our already healthy diet, we quickly found it gave us increased energy, ability to focus, and better digestion. As an added benefit for me, I feel good knowing I’m giving my soon-to-be-born child a huge extra boost of omega-3’s needed for healthy brain development (and I’d like to think it’s contributed to what seems like one of the easiest pregnancies ever, in terms of feeling active and healthy.) And for Ben? He’s thrilled that his psoriasis has cleared up without the use of medications and other treatments he tried in the past, all which brought unwelcome side effects.

Why do we choose Mila over other chia? It’s only grown in carefully selected regions and the seeds are opened in such a way that ensure it contains more omega-3’s, fiber and antioxidants compared to other seeds on the market.

Want to know more about incorporating Mila into  your diet and maybe even making an extra income by sharing it with others? Just send me a note and tell me you’re interested!

mila collage