Before I begin, I want to take a moment to thank my readers for giving me the best Blogiversary ever. The voices I heard, both from “regulars” and those who have been following quietly, were truly more than a blogger could ask for. I think we all struggle sometimes, wondering if our content is “good enough” and if anyone is listening. Well, you all answered that question for me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

And, if you haven’t checked out my Blogiversary post, which happens to feature some fantastic (I think so, anyway) giveaways, what are you waiting for?

On certain days it’s quite surprising that my husband hasn’t packed me up in the car and dropped me at the looney bin. That’s what I’d probably do to him if he was constantly talking about a bunch of strangers as if they were his best friends. Honey, those are your imaginary friends, I’d say. They aren’t real.

But you guys would back me up. You know what it’s like to have a friend (or many) that you talk to on a daily basis, sharing what’s for lunch and other deep dark secrets.

Actually, he knows too. Because we were online friends before we were real-life friends. True story. Two loonies under one roof, some might say.

Bridgetis an online friend and it’s pretty much impossible that I can keep a juicy bit of gossip from her, or a dinner party menu. She’s a great friend because she always helps me figure just what to make and cheers me on with my ideas. I’m not such a great friend because I’m essentially making her jealous (I’ve been told) by a) not flying her across the country to attend said dinner party and b) not re-capping with a blog entry.

Have I told you I’m miserable about plating and photo-shooting when I have company around?

I repeated my mistake yet again when I enlisted Bridget to help with my New Year’s Eve tapas party menu. I got the girl all psyched about albondigas, mussel and white bean stew, and fish in saffron sauce, and I even promised to blog it.
Then, I actually did something right. I took pictures. Maybe it wasn’t right to make my guests wait and stare while I did so, but they know all about my quirky other life as a food blogger.
Of course things fell apart after that. Or, never really moved forward. All those pictures are sitting in a partially written post in draft mode, waiting for some kind of perfect timing or inspiration. Maybe it will come some day. Until then, it’s quite possible that Bridget is holding an online grudge against me. I suspect that’s the reason she bailed on potential plans to become real-life friends this year, and it’s not that she actually has enough other travel plans that don’t include meeting her imaginary online friends.  Just kidding.

In the meantime, I got a craving for one of the recipes I made for that New Year’s Eve tapas party. It was tuna agrodolce, a Mediterranean recipe for fresh tuna in a sweet and sour onion sauce. Of everything I planned to make that night, this was the recipe I was least secure about it. I couldn’t imagine the taste, especially given the fact that it was recommended to make ahead of time and serve at room temperature. It just didn’t seem right. But for once, I went ahead and obeyed the rules, and it was a really good thing I did. I know for sure that this was a favorite of at least one person at the table (besides me!)

Just in case I ever get around to posting about that tapas party, I’m holding off on sharing that recipe. Instead, I made Salmon with Red Grape Agrodolce. Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, to be exact (I wouldn’t have it any other way) broiled to perfection and smothered in a sweet onion and balsamic reduction with juicy red grapes. It’s by far one of the least fussy yet most elegant ways I’ve ever made salmon, perfect for a dinner party, or dinner for two.