Grilled Lemon-Curry Cauliflower

For tonight’s cauliflower, I had what I thought was a great idea, and that was to grill cauliflower “steaks”. Ok, so maybe it’s not only my idea; others have done it too as I am sure you can see with a quick Google. I figured I would carefully cut slices from the head of cauliflower, brush them in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and curry powder, and simply throw them on the grill. The only problem? You can only get two good slices before the rest of the head just falls apart because it’s not as securely attached to the stem. What a shame to not eat all that cauliflower – or to have to make effort to cook it via a different method when you’re already doing your cauliflower steaks. So I just chopped it all up, and forgot about trying to be fancy.

The lemon juice and curry worked really well together to create a tangy and slightly spicy flavor. It actually reminded me a lot of my spicy cauliflower soup. Grilling the cauliflower made it slightly more sweet and nutty from the caramelization. And of course, grilling makes it another easy summer side. There’s not much worse than trying to cook something indoors when you’re already grilling outdoors, so the more yummy veggie sides I can cook outside, the better!

Grilled Lemon-Curry Cauliflower
1 head of cauliflower, washed and chopped
2 tsp olive oil
juice from half of a lemon
2 tsp curry powder
salt & pepper

Heat grill over medium heat with a grilling basket in place. Toss the cauliflower with the olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings; mix to coat well. Place in the grill basket, cover the grill, and cook for about 5 minutes. Stir it around a bit and cook 5 minutes more, until nicely browned. Sprinkle with fresh parsley or cilantro if desired.

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    Amy — June 23, 2009 @ 3:06 pm Reply

    Wow…this looks really yummy! If only the hubs liked cauliflower. :I nominated you for a blog award in my blog!

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