Spicy City Finds

No long and wordy post here, but I just wanted to share with you some neat products I found in NYC this past weekend. I didn’t plan to blow any big bucks on souveniers, but these were a few trinkets I just couldn’t resist. After browsing (well, more like scrutinizing) the extensive selection of unique spice grinders available from Cape Herb, I settled on their Tai Chi seasoning and Butterscotch & Vanilla sugar grinders. The other night, I tried the Tai Chi on flank steak in lieu of any sort of marinade, and was really delighted in how the strong, natural, zingy flavors of ginger, citrus, and chili came through. Later on, we ground some butterscotch and vanilla sugar on our popcorn for a special treat. These are wonderfully unique products perfect for any cook, and I’ll certainly look into trying more of their blends if I come across them again!

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