Smoked Mozzarella Bruschetta

For party appetizers that are quick, easy, and tasty, bruschetta is a classic. It’s no wonder – the term, in it’s purest sense, simply refers to bread which is grilled or toasted, rubbed with garlic, and drizzled with olive oil and seasonings. Most Americans associate the term with the same bread, topped with a mixture of freshly chopped tomatoes, basil, and garlic. However, you can of course vary this with whatever vegetables and herbs you desire, and add things like beans, cheese, or meat. As the first course to a dinner party, I was looking for a bruschetta that would warm up everyone’s taste buds and be just a little bit different – but still a no-brainer because I was quite occupied that day. I chose a Bruschetta with Arugula, Smoked Mozzarella, and Tomatoes from Epicurious. The smoked mozzarella, with it’s deep, earthy background, complimented by peppery arugula and fresh tomatoes was a complex and delicious combination. My version came out a little bit different than the original, because I could not find a large bunch of arugula – only a small package, and I didn’t feel like buying several. So my bruschetta topping really focused on the cheese. I added some salt and pepper too, though it probably did not need that, as the cheese flavor was already so rich. However, these appetizers were gone within 5 minutes after I set them on the table and had my one piece, so they were still a success!

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