Platinum Chef Challenge: Round 5!

Welcome to another round of the Platinum Chef Challenge – where creative cooks of all levels get together to challenge ourselves with new and exciting combinations of ingredients to form delicious meals. We’ve had some delicious creations over the past four rounds, and look forward to more from you! Here’s a recap of the rules.

*Current host will choose 5 ingredients for the challenge
*Participants must create a meal using those ingredients
*The meal can consist of 1 or 2 dishes – so you can use all the ingredients in one recipe, or make two. Ex. main dish + side, appetizer + main dish, main dish + dessert, etc. But, if more than one dish is created, each dish must use at least two of the ingredients (and, any ingredient may be repeated and used in both dishes if desired).
*You can add whatever other ingredients you like
*The event will run for two weeks at a time
*When you’ve decided upon and prepared your dishes, please post pictures and recipes in your blog, link to this post, and send me an email at (if you don’t have a blog, please send pictures and recipes anyway!)

Thank you so much to Ryan for suggesting the ingredients for this round! Please submit your Round 5 entries by Tuesday, September 4th. Happy Cooking!

*Grapes*Basil*Rice*Avocado*Black Beans

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