Another summer salad night

Tonight we had a dinner from Cooking Light which I have been meaning to make for a while. Kate recommended it, so I knew it must be great! It was the Fiery Thai Beef Salad. It calls for flank steak which I finally had on hand, and it was a late, hot evening which required a simple, quick dinner. Ben even started preparing it while I was still on my home from the gym – score!

Kate did tell me that the salad needed a little something, but she wasn’t sure exactly what. I figured with all that heat, it needed something sweet, so I went with diced mango. I also had leftover jicama from the night before, so I figured that a little extra crunch in the salad wouldn’t hurt.

The dressing was delicious and the combination of flavors was great. However, I’m just not sure that this nice cut of steak is really necessary here. Flank steak is one of my favorite cuts, however, it doesn’t particularly shine here; I think something cheaper like a lean top round might work too. Also, the recipe does not call for marinating or adding anything more than salt and pepper to the steak. I think even brushing on a little soy sauce would add a nice tough to the meat.
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