After years of searching… Jicama comes home!

I’m not sure what is so special about jicama, why I couldn’t find it for years and years in the grocery store. Maybe I just don’t shop at the right ones. The only place I have ever eaten jicama is in the Barbecue Chicken Salad from California Pizza Kitchen, but ever since then I’ve always kept it in the back of my mind as something to look for. Jicama is also known as a Mexican potato, though it’s very low in calories and has a slightly sweet taste. You can eat it raw, and on it’s own it doesn’t have too much flavor, but it does add a wonderful crunch and texture to salads.

I decided to make a grilled corn and jicama salad to go with our grilled tuna. I don’t have measurements, but here’s what I did:

-squeeze a lime into a bowl and season with chili powder and cumin
-remove husks and silk from a cob of corn, spray with evoo and brush with lime juice, reserving remaining lime juice
-grill corn till tender, in foil, removing foil for the last few minutes to let it char a bit
-peel and slice a small (

-when corn is cool enough to handle, cut from the cob and add to other ingredients
-add remaining lime juice mixture, a splash of vinegar, and season with salt and pepper
This was delicious as is, but would probably be even better after chilling and allowing the flavors to mesh a little more.
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