Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

I will start off by saying that Cinco de Mayo holds a special place in my heart, because it is the anniversary of mine and Ben’s friendship with Kate and Jim! That’s right, last Cinco de Mayo was the very first time we all hung out, blind-date fashion. I guess you could say we all had instant chemistry, and it wasn’t just the tequila! Unfortunately we did not get to celebrate together this year because Kate was on a plan returning from Playa del Carmen (how appropriate) but we will have to have a margarita to make up for that sometime soon. Even Ben remembered the date, how many guys could do that? Happy friendship anniversary, Kate and Jim!

I wanted to make something festive but still healthy for Cinco de Mayo. I picked out a recipe for Margarita Fish Tacos I had seen in Cooking Light. I used tilapia, substitued some shredded cabbage for the arugula, and added some diced mango and chopped cilantro to our tacos. We enjoyed them very much and Ben was asking for them again right away! They were light and refreshing, but still very satisfying. We both thought the mango was a great addition. I served these with black beans, which I just drained, rinsed, and heated up with a little bit of prepared salsa and a sprinkle of cumin.

I also made some gazpacho to go with our dinner. What a healthy, flavorful side to go with our tacos! I had never made this before, and I chose another recipe from CL, for Gazpacho Andaluz. The flavor was great – I added a diced jalapeno, more cumin than called for, and ommitted the olive oil. However I am not sure about the instructions to strain the finished product. I tried this, and maybe my sieve (I used a mesh wire one) was to small, because this just resulted in a really thin tomato juice, not really what I was looking for. I wanted it to be thicker and chunkier, almost like eating salsa by the spoonful! (ok maybe not that chunky, but I like some texture). I strained about half of it, discarding those solids, and combines with the remaining pureed soup. I also saved some chopped veggies to throw in at the end. I think next time I make it, I will leave some of the veggies chunkier. But overall, it was tasty, and Ben approved!

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