Brick Oven from the Grill

Homemade pizza is back! It kind of went away for a while for being on the “bad” (ie, not calorie-friendly) list. The problem was that my fiance and I could easily eat almost a whole 8-slice homemade pizza. Well, I solved the problem by purchasing a TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough, dividing into four portions, putting two of them back in the freezer, and rolling out the other two into individual pizzas. So essentially limiting ourselves to 2 slices each. I decided to try out my pizza stone on the grill, and it worked beautifully. I have never before been able to acheive such a thin, crispy, evenly-cooked crust in the oven. I think that being so close to the heating source is what really makes the difference. I know some people have some concerns about putting their stones on the grill because you are supposed to avoid extreme temperature changes, however, I think I managed to overcome this by puting my stone on the grill when I turned it on so it heated up at the same time. I also left the stone on the grill to cool. When the stone was hot, I brought my pre-rolled dough outside and placed it on the stone – at this point, I could hear the crust sizzle and start to crisp immediately. I brought out all my toppings (sliced sundried tomato chicken sausage, red onion and bell peppers, Paul Prudhomme Pizza Magic Seasoning, sauce and TJ’s quatro formaggio cheese blend) and piled them on (well, moderately) the crust. Success! Can’t to take those other two peices of dough out of the freezer 🙂

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    Joelen — May 23, 2007 @ 7:07 pm Reply

    I love homemade pizza… and better yet, grilled! It looks awesome!

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